School Policies

Student Handbook

Gender Diversity Guidelines

School Discipline Policies

Suspension from Class 
Use of Harmful Substances (Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol)
Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy
Cell Phones / Recording / Playback Devices
Use of Computers
Dress Code Policy

Appropriate Dress:

Students and staff are expected to dress in a manner that contributes to the learning atmosphere of the class and school.  A part of learning is the making of appropriate decisions on suitable types of dress for various activities.

School attire should reflect an attitude of pride in self, school and community.  In keeping with our expectations to provide a safe and respectful environment, the following restrictions will apply:

  • no clothing referring to illegal substances or activities;
  •  no clothing displaying sexual innuendo, profanity or violence;
  • no clothing degrading gender, racial groups or ethnic background

The administration reserves the right to ask students to cover up or change if clothing is inappropriate or unsuitable for school.  

School Dances
Behavior in Assemblies

Student Safety Policies

Bus Transportation 
Leaving School Property
Respect for Property
Items that Can Cause Injury 
Fire Alarms/ Safety Equipment
Use of Automobiles
Use of Skateboards / Roller Blades / Motorized Recreational Vehicles

Academic Policies

Late Assignments
Honors and Awards of Achievement

To be recognized as an PSB honour graduate, a student must:

  • successfully complete the Provincial Graduation Requirements, and
  • achieve an aggregate of 480 in six (6) Grade 12 courses (600 and 800 level), one of which is English, and
  • have no mark lower than 70% in the six (6) Grade 12 courses included in the aggregate calculation.

(In other words, 80% average with no mark under 70% )

Certificates of Achievement:
Achievement certificates are awarded to those students who have shown significant involvement at the intermediate level. This program will mark the involvement and accomplishments of junior high students. A record of extracurricular membership, academic honors, significant accomplishments, etc., will be maintained. Students promoted to grade 10 will be presented with certificates recording their achievements from grades 7-9.


Other School Board and Department Policies